his is the lutes and ouds section. It contains different examples of custom made instruments for customers. Each instrument has its own appearance and sound flavour.

Rosewood replica of abdu nahat (1905). With bone-ebony fingerboard and rosette.  video samples coming soon
Rare zebrano replica of abu khalil el Gohary (1932). Again with bone-ebony inlay rosette and fingerboard.  
Egyptian style oud,  birdeye maple in rosewood with mother of pearl. Chess design rosette.  
Munir Bashir floating bridge style. Multi- ribbed (33 ribs) in sonokling (Indonesian rosewood).  
Rare replica of Umkalthum oud from her museum in bamboo with or without rosette.  
Egyptian style oud, ebony with mother of pearl in-lays, rose and finger board: 6 course  
Turkish style, 21 ribs balisander in walnut replica of Manoli.  
Replica of Abdul Aziz el Lethi (1920) from Qassabigi collection. 7 course highly decorated, sycamore in boubeenga with rib and fingerboard inlay.  
La Michaela - A hybrid of oud and lute. Can be played fretted or unfretted; with the merits of both instruments.   
  Egyptian style oud in ebony with mother of pearl ornamentations  
  Birds eye Maple Syrian style wood: 7 course  
  Iraqi: Mounir Bashir style, mobile bridge rare rose wood:6 course  
  Another iraqi style oud smaller with a single rose  
  Bass Oud, tuned as a regular oud but one octave less in dark rose wood Audio sample coming soon  

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